Rediscovered Gardens

Spaces and features of green "architectures" in Trentino

Parco-di-Palazzo-Moll-Guerrieri-Gonzaga-a-Villa-Lagarina [ Foto Claudio Clamer]

Giardini ritrovati. Spazi e caratteri delle architetture verdi in Trentino (Rediscovered Gardens. Spaces and features of green "architectures" in Trentino) at Palazzo delle Albere is a multimedia itinerary that describes the peculiarities of the typical garden of Trentino. The conception of this exhibition is the result of a several years' work of studying and cataloguing carried out by the Cultural Heritage Directorate of the Autonomous Province of Trento; it's an enchanting, yet fragile heritage, full of hidden treasures: gardens of castles, villas and palazzos, public gardens and spa parks, which owe their peculiarity to the shapes and to the climate of the Alpine area.

Such green "architectures" are in dynamic balance between nature and artifice, and this exhibition focuses and develops their distinctive macro-themes, from the immersion in the landscape to the theme of the limit, from the open spaces to the presence of water and of artefacts - which have been well integrated into the vegetation.

The exhibition, hosted at the Palazzo delle Albere, offers the opportunity for a multisensory, fully immersive and engaging experience.

Last but not least, a section is dedicated to the garden that becomes set, and to film and television scenes that have been set in some of the most famous green areas in the province of Trento.


Free admission

Guided tours on Sunday 8 July, 22 July, 5 August, 19 August and 2 September starting at 5.30 pm - Free admission

organization: Department for Cultural Heritage