First Italian exhibition for the German sculptor Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez, who portrays with an original technique of wood carving animal species, which are as charismatic as fragile



At the MUSE Science museum in Trento the first Italian exhibition by the German sculptor Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez. The author, employing an unusual wood carving technique with the almost exclusive use of a chainsaw, creates hyperrealistic wooden works, depicting animal species, many of which are at risk of extinction. More than 30 sculptures - including monumental ones - will be collected in four thematic groups:  

next to the wild pantheon of the Great Carnivores are groups of Arctic species, temperate environments and - finally - a corner where the author gives his artistic and passionate tribute to the horse, an animal which is certainly not threatened, but that is slowly being forgotten, after being a key element of history.

(Translation by Denis Cova, Sophie M. Scholl Language High School, Trento - “School and Work Project”)

organization: Muse Museo delle scienze