Chiara Lubich - City World. Online exhibition


Starting from this date and from this city the biographical journey of Silvia, later Chiara, Lubich, unfolds. It passes through what has been defined as the “short century”, marked by a succession of transformations, very rapid change and also catastrophes.

The 20th century is the historical setting in which Chiara Lubich first learned how to form effective and deep relationships. It is the context in which she made a contribution in the fields of culture and society on both local and international levels. In this context, she opened new pathways, initiated processes and made concrete achievements, where gospel values were the hidden but supporting structure of relationships of recognized interdependence.

This exhibition is divided into three sections, to which a fourth must be added, located in Primiero. These sections express a life and are marked by events, both large and small, by testimonies and documents. These are conveyed in words and images, but especially in colours and light. It is not and does not want to be a tour in black and white.

The story itself is based on a substantial palette, where Chiara’s personal story is intertwined with the history of her city and with that of the world, involving men and women from different backgrounds, cultures and identities.The tension suggested in the title is a positive one. The city-world binomial is central and shown through Chiara’s life and action. It manifests itself as a generative relationship, the fruit of a secret revealed to her, which the experience of the exhibition wants to hand on.