Sounds of the Dolomites 2019

From 28 June to 15 September the Festival is in its twenty-fifth year: 

the best of music and of the mountains

Suoni delle Dolomiti 2019 [ Trentino Marketing S.r.l.]

Great concerts set in the most fascinating sceneries of Trentino's Dolomites, to be reached on foot by public and musicians; the latter then take out their instruments of their backpack and perform music of all genres



  • Please check for any changes to the programme
  • Get the concerts with the Trentino Mountain Guides or with the MTB Leaders. Click here  to see more
  • Wear suitable clothing and bring food and water, especially for the Dawn in the Dolomites concert 
  • Remember that cable cars, chair lifts and shuttle buses are at your own expense
  • In case of uncertain weather, the concert might start before the scheduled time. Please be at the venue a bit ealier 
  • Timings are for the outbound walk, vertical ascent is given in metres
  • In case of bad weather, the concerts will take place in the valley on the same day. Tickets will be available from the theatre booking offices starting from 2 hours before the beginning of the concert; there are a limited number of places
  • Please note that representatives of Trentino Marketing will be taking photos and making audio-video recordings during the concerts and that these will be later used for promotional and corporate purposes. If you do not want them to photograph or film you or minors in your charge, please make sure you sit more than 10 metres from the performance area
  • WALKING GUIDEBOOK - Some advice from Trentino Mountain Rescue

    • Plan your route, choosing a walk suitable for your level of fitness, and make sure you have suitable equipment
    •  Check the weather forecast
    •  Walking on your own can be risky, leave details of your route and the approximate time of your return with someone
    •  Consider hiring a local guide
    •  Pay attention to the notices and sign-posts along your route
    •  Be prepared to turn back if necessary
    •  In case of accident, call the emergency number 112 for help

    WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR RUCKSACK for a day’s walk

    Waterproof jacket and trousers, change of t-shirt and/or sweater, cap, gloves, sunglasses, mobile phone, first aid kit, ample food and water, map, whistle, camera, binoculars



The concerts of the festival are free unless otherwise indicated

organization: Trentino Marketing