MUSE easy to read

The new guide, written by the MUSE Science Museum and Anffas Trentino Onlus (non profit organisation), to make the Muse even more inclusive, accessible and engaging

On the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities, the MUSE - Science Museum and Anffas Trentino Onlus (non profit organisation) present "MUSE facile da leggere", the new certified guide in Easy to read language, that describes the rooms and floors of the museum conceived by Renzo Piano; its contents are accessible to all.

The guide will be available to all visitors and distributed as soon as the doors of the museum can open to the public again.

The European label ETR – Easy to read stands for a simplified language that everyone can read and understand. Built according to a model that prefers short sentences with frequent handouts and explains every difficult word, it helps people with intellectual disabilities, but not only, to read and understand information that, without intermediation, would be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Other initiatives and projects for social inclusion and popularization of science for all are:

Visite in Tandem (Visits in pair), in which people with disabilities lead the public to discover the museum and its contents together with museum's scientific guides;

the Open MUSE section - born during last spring's lockdown - which makes available video content translated into the Italian sign language for deaf people, and other cultural resources available to the blind and partially sighted persons;

and the event “Al MUSE si sta bene” ("At the MUSE you'll feel good") for the International Day of People with Disabilities.

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