Mario Rigoni Stern Literary Prize

Mario Rigoni Stern Literary Prize for the multilingual literature of the Alps. CALL FOR ENTRIES - 11th edition 

Mario Rigoni Stern Literary Prize for the multilingual literature of the Alps - 11th edition. CALL FOR ENTRIES 2021

2021 is also the centenary year of the writer's birth.

The Prize was created to encourage the development of the polyglot cultural context that refers to the Alps, promoting a competition of merit between works of fiction and essays dedicated to the Alps, their landscape and their people.

Established with the intention of honoring the memory of Mario Rigoni Stern and his work, the Prize intends to perpetuate the ideals of brotherhood among peoples and to promote knowledge and awareness of the natural values ​​of the mountain environment and its relations with the anthropization and the climate crisis.

This year the jury is made up of: Sara Luchetta, Giuseppe Mendicino, Luca Mercalli, Franco Perco and Annibale Salsa.

The call for entries is published on the Prize website, ;

Published works (i.e. published on conventional paper and with ISBN numbering) by living authors, of Alpine subjects, in any of the languages spoken in the Alps, including, by way of example and not limited to, French, Occitan, Franco-Provençal, Italian, German, Romansh, Ladin, Friulian, Slovenian, including the local linguistic variants with an accredited conventional spelling, and in English, are admitted to the examination of the jury. The texts must have been published within the two years preceding the annual expiry date of the call.

The works must reach the Competition Secretariat by 31 May 2021.

The prize will be awarded during two ceremonies scheduled for 18 September 2021 in Venice and for 19 in Asiago,


For information: Sergio Frigo, 3406838355