Trees Falling in Love

Installation dedicated to forests

[ Ufficio Stampa PAT]

A light and sound installation lights up the museum garden.

Through lights, plants, voices and ambient sounds, "Trees Falling in Love" reminds us  of the importance of the link between mankind and the plant world.

The installation is dedicated to the care, the encounter between art and forest, in analogy with the two temporary exhibitions at the MUSE and at Palazzo delle Albere - "Tree Time" and "Forest Frame".

It is a symbolic "urban forest" where lights and shadows of the relationship between trees and humanity, art and nature, dream and reality are evoked.

Light & sound design: Mariano De Tassis and Carlo Casillo - Miscele d'Aria Factory 

Original musical composition: Carlo Casillo

Viola and Violin: Nicola Fadanelli

Sound optimisation: Mauro Andreolli

Botanical advice: Costantino Bonomi 


Provincial Agency for State Forests and Technical Services of the MUSE

In collaboration with: PAT Forest Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento

until 30 May 2021