Museo Diocesano Tridentino (Tridentine Diocesan Museum)

#cosedafareacasa (#thingstodoathome). Materials to download, food for thought, videos... the museum continues to be close to its public

In this period of forced closure, the Museum continues to live and interact with its public via the Internet, to share content, thoughts and ideas.

In the museum's webpage #cosedafareacasa del Museo Diocesano Tridentino (#thingstodoathome), you will find some free downloadable pdf materials, divided into categories.

Besides that, you can watch the nine episodes of the mini-series dedicated to the exhibition  L'invenzione del colpevole. Il caso di Simonino da Trento (Inventing the culprit. The 'case' of Simonino, from propaganda to history ).

The virtual library and the videos will be proposed day by day on the youtube channel to offer everyone, young and old, new readings and films.