Cooperative HandiCREA

The general conditions of discomfort experienced by people with disabilities are the object of several initiatives and activities, which provide more or less suitable solutions. The current technological knowledge and possibilities of intervention allow, if properly used, to bring concrete improvements to the conditions of people with disabilities by betterpromoting their integration in every environment.

Based upon these reflections, a group of qualified experienced people founded Cooperative HandiCREA in 1995 with the purpose of reducing the marginalization still present from the ones related to the pathology that affects the disabled person to the more hidden and discriminating ones allowed by the cultural unpreparedness of our society.

Since 2008, the Cooperative HandiCrea, on behalf of the Cultural Activities Services Directorate of the Autonomous Province of Trento, has been mapping the cultural venues in terms of physical accessibility. The surveys are carried out with the intention of informing about the usability of places of historical and cultural interest.

On this website, the places surveyed show specific symbols prepared by the Cooperative HandiCrea and a textual description that adds important and detailed information.


The accessibility of the structure has been summarized by symbols prepared by the cooperative HandiCrea, which list useful data for the mobility of people with disability. These symbols contain a complementary description that allows you to add elements to the icons, but at the same time are necessary to have a complete understanding of the condition of the structure. Information collected by the staff of HandiCREA.