1914-1918 "La Gran Vera", the Great War: Galicia, Dolomites

In the centre of Moena a large thematic exhibition on the Great War, with reference to the Austrian-Russian front, the war in the mountains in the Fassa Dolomites and its impact on the local population.

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For the Centennial of the First World War, the Municipality of Moena, the Ladin Cultural Institute and the “Sul Fronte dei Ricordi” Cultural Association, with the sponsorship of the Comun General de Fascia, have organized a themed exhibition regarding the “Great War", to illustrate the events that took place during the war, from the Austrian-Russian front (Galicia-Bukovina-Volhynia) to the war high up in the mountains, in the Fassa and Fiemme Dolomites, to commemorate not only the historical events but also their impact on the local populations.The subject of the exhibition is primarily the “Simonetti - Caimi” collection, with over 20 period uniforms, relics, artefacts, photographic albums, etc., making a total of almost one thousand pieces, made available by the Ladin de Fascia Museum and enriched by other artefacts from private collections.

The exhibition is organised into four permanent sections (Galicia 1914, The Trenches, Dolomites 1915 and War on War!), located in the large spaces of the Navalge Theatre in Moena, where you will find truly spectacular dioramas, themed showcases, educational panels, period photos and blow-ups, in an exhibition space of approx. 500 m2. Furthermore, every year, the exhibition hosts a temporary section dedicated to gaining a deeper knowledge of a specific subject: “Art and Standschützen, 1916: Italians Charge!” and for summer 2017 Richard Lowy, a Jew in Moena.

The inventors and organizers of the exhibition are Michele Simonetti Federspiel and Mauro Caimi, both honorary curators of the Ladin Museum, while the set-ups were created thanks to the indispensable operational support of the volunteers from the “Sul Fronte dei Ricordi" Association, which also organizes accompanied itineraries to the locations on the front in the Costabella, Pellegrino and Bocche area.


The museum organizes guided tours (min. 15 people, booking required) in Italian or Ladin € 30, and in foreign languages (English, German, Russian) € 40. The Museum’s office for educational activities proposes an educational offer that involves classes starting from Primary School.

The educational activities, in Ladin or Italian, include visits, workshop activities on specific themes, courses in partnership with teachers and training courses. The didactic activities are coordinated by the The Ladin Cultural Institute “Majon de Fascegn”  based in Vigo di Fassa.

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organization: Comune di Moena, Istituto Culturale Ladino e Associazione “Sul fronte dei ricordi” di Moena