90 days - Tale of an alpine pasture season


By/with Giuliano Comin

based on ‘Novanta Giorni. Diario di una stagione in alpeggio’ (90 days - Tale of an alpine pasture season) by Francesco Gubert

Albatros Editions, Rome, 2020

Francesco has given up everything to spend a season in a mountain pasture, milking cows and making cheese. Perhaps he believes he has found the way out of a life of constraints, conditioning and expectations.

And in fact he returns to the mountain pastures for a second experience. But this time he will have to come to terms with himself and his own limits.

The true story of a summer spent in the mountains, of a journey made up of sensations and encounters, to learn to resist but also to know how to give in. A strong, sincere story, with a different perspective on life in the high-altitude pastures.


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