Arte Forte - Fort Cadine

Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery: Michele Parisi


The project “Arte Forte” originates from an idea by Giordano Raffaelli and by the commitment of fifteen private galleries of North-Eastern Italy. It will bring contemporary art within the incomparable heritage of military constructions of the Austro-Hungarian era, which are all part of the Forts Circuit.

The theme of the first edition refers to the historical context of World War I; the reflection is then further extended until the present day through the privileged point of view of art.

The works by thirty artists of different generations, from Trentino and South Tyrol, from Italy and abroad, recall a mix of backgrounds, languages and cultures that clashed with each other during the conflict. The exhibit features installations and sculptures made of different materials - from wood to steel and neon -, paintings, photographs and videos.

part of: Arte Forte

organization: Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino, Trentino Grande Guerra.