Episode 1: Protagonists of psychiatry in Trentino

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History books are at the heart of 'Booklab'. Every Tuesday, Elisabetta Antonelli introduces you to an event, a character or a historical period by chatting with the author of a historical study. For literature lovers she also recommends a novel that deals with the period or topic discussed. The story is accompanied by Candirù's original music on his guitar.
A programme by Elisabetta Antonelli, with the participation of Candirù, directed by Anna Bressanini and Martin Alan Tranquillini, a Will o Wisp production.

A dialogue with Maria Luisa Drigo, psychotherapist and editor of the book "Giorgio Maria Ferlini e la sua psichiatria".

The formats of the new season are viewable on the digital tv channel 602, in streaming on and on the YouTube channel of the Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino:

part of: History Lab