Cosa videro quegli occhi! (What those eyes saw!)

Men and women at war. 1913-1920

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Exhibition curated by the History Laboratory of Rovereto

The exhibition Cosa videro quegli occhi! Uomini e donne in guerra. 1913-1920 (What those eyes saw! Men and women at war. 1913-1920), mounted by the History Laboratory of Rovereto in a wing of the former Tobacco Factory in Borgo Sacco, in new exhibition spaces especially restored by Trentino Sviluppo, tells us about a fundamental chapter in the history of Trentino and of its people during the First World War.

For further information: Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto , tel. 0464 452800,

part of: The Great War

organization: Laboratorio di storia di Rovereto, Trentino Sviluppo, Progetto Manifattura