Cristo Re_The The railwaymen


Podcast EPISODE 4 – La piazza per Aria_I ferrovieri

(The upside-down square. Cristo Re: The railwaymen)

Unlimited availability


cover picture by Maria Chiara Betta

Logo design and programme cover by Nadia Tamanini.

An explosive mix of voices, music, sounds and interviews: including special guests, surreal biographies, experts' opinions and art images. A radio programme about Trento's neighbourhoods: the first season is dedicated to the Cristo Re neighbourhood.

A programme promoted by Il Funambolo, in collaboration with Sanbaradio and Cooperativa Mercurio; the artistic interventions are curated by Spazio Piera.

Project carried out with the contribution of the Municipality of Trento and the Fondazione Caritro. Led and conceived by Guido Laino, Marta Marchi, Giovanni Melchiori, Stefania Segatta and Eugenio Zazzara.


The performances will be available for 48 hours, while podcasts will be available for an unlimited time. The shows are free of charge, just log on to the site by following the initial simple instructions. 

The show will be viewable for 48 hours