Drink'n'Think. Inspiring aperitif + After hours Muse

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[ Comunicato stampa]

at 18.00 -An informal and stimulating pre-evening on the terrace of the MUSE Café with music, videos and dialogues on sustainability to create opportunities for discussion, open the mind and inspire new connections.

21.00 - Performing Lascaux 

The Lascaux Cave, 20,000 years ago, was a place where rituals, ceremonies or social moments took place, and new and deep emotions were experienced.
For one night, the museum is turned into a large modern cave, where anything is possible. You will feel just like our prehistoric ancestors and forefathers, between music, theatre, dance, art, colours and technology.
Artistic direction Alessio Kogoj


Aperitif - Free event, aperitif not included. For those who wish, the museum can be visited at a special rate of € 7.

After hours Muse - cost of the event € 7 - Tickets can be purchased one week before the event

Tickets can be purchased one week before the event