European Mills Days: watermills open to view in Trentino

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The European Mills Days, in their 5th year in Italy, see an increasing participation of mills in the initiative, as well as a more varied offer of activities dedicated to the enhancement of these sites which are really rich in charm: numerous watermills in Trentino organize guided tours, educational workshops for adults and children, seminars, shows, excursions along the streams where once mills, sawmills and forges were operating with the energy produced by water. Some of them are still well-functioning today.

The Museo degli usi e costumi della gente trentina (Trentino Folklife Museum ) joins the European Mills Days by proposing guided visits to the hydraulic machines of its exhibition itinerary to learn more about them, and two different workshops for children.

The European Mills Days were born in France in 2007, and have been promoted in Italy since 2012 by the Associazione Italiana Amici dei Mulini Storici (AIAMS); the aim is to safeguard buildings with historical and architectural value, relaunch educational tourism, enhance sites with mills, and relaunch a milling activity to transform cereals grown with organic practices into flours and products used for a healthy diet.

This year, the European Mills Days are dedicated to the oil mills.


In Trentino, the European Mills Days are promoted with the collaboration of the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina – Giovanni Kezich is a member of the Scientific Committee of AIAMS, and Antonella Mott of AIAMS is the contact person for Trentino – together with Etnografia trentina in Rete.

The initiative is part of the proposals for the International Museum Day 2019.

For information about the watermills taking part in the European Mills Days, see the website:

Info: 0461 650314