Getting in the artwork. The Mart from home

8 study and in-depth study kits, dedicated to as many masterpieces of the permanent collections, downloadable from the Mart. 

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Designed for the school world, "Getting in the artwork" borrows its title from an emblematic work by Giovanni Anselmo belonging to the museum collections.
A project of aesthetic education, which privileges the relationship with art in the contemplative dimension and underlines the need for attention, concentration and time.

Imagine you're entering one of the Mart's rooms and choosing a work of art: you can observe it by taking your time , exploring it with your eyes; you can have the impression of immersing yourself in its shapes and colours. Slow down the rhythm and enter in depth, experiencing a minute of "aesthetic meditation": you can do it from home, letting yourself be guided by perceptions, aware that the experience in the museum can reserve many other emotions.

"Getting in the artwork" is a Distance Learning project that accompanies teachers and students to discover some of the greatest masterpieces of the museum collections. 8 study and in-depth study kits, designed for primary and secondary school, but available to all.

Students and teachers are invited to send materials, ideas, feedback to the Mart, keeping alive that relationship of welcome and mutual exchange that is at the heart of the activity of the Education Area.


Each kit consists of a video, materials about the work and the artist, exercises, and can be used by school and education professionals to create educational workshops with children and young people.
Works by Campigli, Depero, Merz, Vedova for primary school, Gupta, Melotti, Russolo, Severini for secondary school.

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