The glacier is the most complete picture of our lives.
It represents what we are, eternal and ephemeral, permanent and mutable.
(Juremir Machado da Silva) 


Masses of ice, reservoirs of fresh water, tourist attraction, open-air scientific laboratories, thermometers of global warming, testaments to man’s footprint on the environment. Glaciers are this and much more. 
The exhibition presents a picture of our planet’s glaciers from four different perspectives: the ice environment and the dynamics that keep it balanced; the scientific activities and surveys that make it possible to measure the health of our glaciers and study the climate changes of the last centuries; the pioneering glacier expeditions; and the historical vicissitudes and myths associated with the most hostile mountain environments.
Visitors will discover different aspects of glaciology thanks to multimedia content embedded in peculiar wooden structures with simple, clean lines.

The shapes and transparent surfaces convey the ethereal nature of the exhibition’s storytelling style, which delicately yet directly addresses the emergency of climate change and glacial retreat. Featured in the exhibition’s videos are:
1. Nature: Volo di ghiaccio (“Ice Flight”) by Gianfranco Dusmet (Wasabi, 2018), a once-in-a-lifetime flight across the glaciers of Trentino, from the Pale di San Martino range to the Brenta Dolomites, from the Marmolada Glacier to the Cevedale Glacier, from the fabulous Presanella Glacier to the Adamello Glacier, a “repository” of indelible human suffering. A flight, a thrill, a view... made of ice!
2. Research: La memoria del Ghiaccio (“The Glacier’s Memory”) by Giovanni Motter (2017), a short produced by RAI about the research expedition to the Adamello Glacier, a project fostered by the Edmund Mach foundation with MUSE and the University of Milan-Bicocca.
3. Adventure: Escape by Anjali Nayar (2018), a short film that follows JaBig, a deejay from Montreal, on the last miles of his winter journey across Canada on a fixed-gear bike.
4. History and Myth: A documentary film by Corrado Bungaro about the N-ICE Cello project, a series of concerts featuring an ice cello to raise awareness on the vulnerability of the planet’s water resources.
Not to be missed is also the laboratory on animal adaptations to extreme climates.