Guided visit to the Italian war history Museum - Rovereto

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The guided visit offers the opportunity to discover the extraordinary heritage preserved in the War Museum, which was founded in 1921 and houses objects and evidence of the conflicts that occurred between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

A tourist guide will recount to visitors those past events, hinting at different topics: the technological evolution of the war industry between the two centuries, the social and political context that led to the outbreak of the war, the experience of soldiers but also the effects of the conflicts on the civilian population and the landscape.

During the event, visitors who find it interesting to reflect on the most significant objects in the collections, will have the opportunity to learn the particular stories they contain.

The visit will end in the rooms of the temporary exhibition La pelle del soldato. Uniformi, corazze, elmetti e maschere antigas dalla Prima guerra mondiale al Duemila (The soldier's skin. Uniforms, armour, helmets and gas masks from the First World War to the year 2000)

> Duration of the guided visit: about 75 minutes

> Meeting point: at the castle ticket office, a few minutes before 11.00

> Cost: € 3 in addition to the museum's admission ticket 

> Max 30 visitors (in order of their arrival)

> Booking is not necessary

After the visit…

Visitors to the Museum will be given a coupon that entitles them to a 15% discount on all wines and sparkling wines on sale at the winery Cantina d’Isera. To receive the discount, simply present the coupon to the winery together with your admission ticket.

As an alternative, the museum's admission ticket can be used on the day of the visit or on the next day in restaurants that have an agreement with the museum, to get a 10% discount on a lunch or dinner.

Visitors will also be given a coupon for a guided tasting of chocolate by the Exquisita shop. Further information here.