Here and now

A TV programme by Trentino history museum foundation, Hydroelectric power plant Fies, Oriente e Occidente Dance Festival


on History Lab ,digital terrestrial channel 602, and youtube by Trentino history museum foundation

Four episodes, each one of them focuses on a key word:





In all four themes that today sound more disruptive and topical than ever before.

HERE AND NOW is on air every Friday at 21.00 and 22.30 and on Saturday at 7.30 and 15.30 on History Lab. The episodes are simultaneously uploaded to the Foundation's youtube channel to ensure the widest possible access.

HERE AND NOW. Episode 1: INTERACTIONS. The first episode is dedicated to interactions: how does the artist, the choreographer, the performer communicate with the audience? How do they involve them in the work of art? And what will change about these relationships in the near future?

Oriente Occidente Performances

(In)visibile Dancing. | Company: Protein | Choreographer: Luca Silvestrini.

Los pájaros muertos (Dead birds) | Company: La Veronal | Choreographer: Marcos Morau.

Genealogy | Choreographer: Luna Cenere

Hydroelectric power plant Fies performances

Numax-fagor PLUS | Artist: Roger Bernat

BY HEART | Artist: Thiago Rodriguez

Candy Shop - the Circus | Artist: Lina Lapelytė

HERE AND NOW. Episode 2: BODY. The second episode is dedicated to the body and the different ways it is brought on stage: vulnerability, change, aesthetic imperfection, loss, acceptance are some of the ideas offered by the six shows and performances selected and explained by Hydroelectric power plant Fies and Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.

Hydroelectric power plant Fies performances

Gym club | Artist: Massimo Furlan

Rehabilitation | Artist: Cinthia De Levie

Riding on a cloud | Artist: Rabih Mroué

Oriente Occidente Performances

Bad lambs | Company: Balletto Civile | Choreographer: Michela Lucenti

Frock | Company: Stopgap Dance Company | Choreographer: Lucy Bennett

Soma | Choreographer: Martin Talaga

HERE AND NOWEpisode 3: NATURE. In this episode we talk about nature, which is the outdoor space in which some of the performances and shows chosen by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and Centrale Fies come to life, as well as and a subject about the earth and the ways we connect (or not) with it. 

Oriente Occidente Performances

Rizoma | Company: Company Sharon Fridman | Choreographer: Sharon Fridman

Mutant animals in a changing climate | Choreographer: Ruggero Asnago

Frozen Songs | Company: Zero Visibility Corp | Choreographer: Christel Johannessen

Hydroelectric power plant Fies performances

Ghezzz | Artist: Cosmesi

The Rock Slide and the Wood | Artist: Andreco

Conversation without words | Artist: Lotte van den Berg


Art has always winked at technology: in the performances selected by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and Centrale Fies technologies represent not only the means to create more and more futuristic shows but also the theme of the work itself, in a reflection which is dystopic, then bitter or amused of the future to come. 

Hydroelectric power plant Fies performances

Smart Supercontinent | Artist: Fies Core Hub Cultura

School of moon | Company: Shonen | Choreographer: Eric Minh Cuong Castaing

Cuckoo | Artist: Jaha Koo 

Oriente Occidente Performances

L’Assemblee | Choreographer: Louis Philippe Demers

Intensional Particle | Choreographer/Performer: Hiroaki Umeda

Hatched | Choreographer/Performer: Johanna Nuutinen

HERE AND NOW is a programme by Trentino history museum foundation, Hydroelectric power plant Fies, Oriente e Occidente Dance Festival, in collaboration with the Cultural activities Office of the Cultural activities Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Busacca Produzioni Video).

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