Invisibile generations

by Teatro Elementare

Drama , Drama
Invisibili generazioni - Elementare Teatro [ Trentino spettacoli]

Teatro Elementare

with Marco Ottolini, Paola Tintinelli, Valentina Scuderi or Corinna Grandi and Federico Vivaldi

Survey, Text and Direction Carolina Calle Casanova

Scenic design by Ilaria Bassoli and Davide Vivaldi

Music by Marcello Gori

Costume design Sara Gazzini

We all know someone who has left, for Europe or other continents.
Children, grandchildren, friends migrate again to find a job, and to plan their life.
In the Virtual Age, the emigration of the young people seems to be just the tip of an unexplored iceberg; under water a change is taking place, and our children will be its protagonists.

Invisible Generations is a grotesque and punk comedy that tells us about this change, which nowadays is called"brain drain".

Commissioned and co-produced by the Emigration Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento under the Trentino Global Network project - TgN


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organization: Ufficio Cultura Comune di Rovereto