Io è un altro (Me is another)

Two contemporary art performances and a talk on the theme of phobias, the relationship between identity and the unconscious and the relationship between psychoanalysis and science.

Meetings and conferences

Event promoted by MUSE in collaboration with the artist residency programme: Waiting Room Residency, Tiring House and Jonas Trento.


From 15.00 to 18.00 - In the park of the MUSE and in the portico of Palazzo delle Albere

Artists Maria Adele Del Vecchio and Daniela Cattivelli will present the performances "Indigo" and "Hans" to passers-by and the curious people. The aim is to open a conversation on art and psychoanalysis, while encouraging the circulation of avant-garde languages in the territory.


At 18.00 - In the park of the MUSEAt the end of the two performances, artists, curators and researchers from Jonas and MUSE will invite the public to a dialogue on "Art, Science and Psychoanalysis" in an informal setting open to questions, stories and insights.


Free admission, no booking required