Manifesto 100. Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe (1915-2015)

An exhibition at the Depero Futurist House of the Arts focuses on the second phase of the Futurist movement, a hundred years after the Manifesto 100


When in 1915, Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero signed the Ricostruzione futurista dell’universo (Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe) manifesto, the Futurist movement was moving towards a second phase in which the need for a total art aspired to influence many aspects of life through a radical transformation of the environment: from furniture to fashion, from cinema to theatre, music to dance, and from billboard design to designing everyday items. With his art house, Balla had designed and built all the furnishings for a home while Depero instead, with a production of tapestries and cushions, created a space in which to create art objects, furniture, toys, models marked by a basic structure and dynamic lines.
The idea of self-promotion took hold thanks to publishing and correspondence, as shown in the exhibition with documents and photographs showing the genesis of a poster that forever changed the direction of the Futurist movement, now geared towards a reconstructive, industrious activity far-removed from the destructive approach of the first Futurist phase.

Curated by Nicoletta Boschiero e Federico Zanoner


organization: Mart di Rovereto