Mary and I

A tale of words, sounds and images


by and with Maura Pettorruso
Music and ambience by Andrea Casna 

Production Comapagnia Pequod

IO E MARY (MARY AND I) (The inventor of Frankenstein) is a dubbed reading, that is a story accompanied by music, in which Mary Shelley's life intersects with the atmosphere of her masterpiece: Frankenstein, or A Modern Prometheus.

Not everyone knows that behind this fantastic, dramatic and monstrous story lies an even more dramatic reality (and monstrous, in its injustice), an event that marked Mary throughout her existence and in all her literary visions.

Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary's mother and a very important feminist author, dies in childbirth, bringing Shelley into the world.
She died in the little room on the top floor of the house where she lived, the room her husband had prepared so that she could give birth to her child in peace.

That room, which Mary as a child has had in front of her eyes for all her childhood, will turn into Dr Frankenstein's den, the place where the monstrous Creature will see the light.

Frankenstein is therefore not a science fiction book, however extraordinary, but "the book" to which Mary entrusts her inner laceration that will remain a scar for the rest of her life.

IO E MARY is a journey between Mary the woman and Mary the writer, between biographical and epic narratives.

Andrea Casna's sounds (electric bass) accompany the spectator into the gothic, sometimes noir, atmospheres of the story.