Paesaggi forti: a new exhibition at the Fort Cadine

Fort Cadine is transformed: from a boundary site to an open space on what can be possible, and a starting point for alternative imaginaries and new narratives.

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Paesaggi Forti is an artistic and cultural experience open to all and free of charge, fulfilling the dual function of reading and storytelling: on the one hand with site-specific artworks by the artists of Alchemica APS. They are present both physically and through ghost traces that can be reached by a QRcode; on the other hand, with the presentation of a research on the reinterpretation of Trentino's fortified landscapes, curated by Marco Ferrari and with the participation of a group of young students and professionals formed around the Acropolis association.

The interior of the fort is set up with a series of graphics, photographs, and models that investigate the relationship between the forts of Trentino and the landscapes in which they are situated.

The exterior, on the other hand, is set up with artworks, physical or digital ones, produced by local artists. The works represent the suggestions of the artists, who are called to imagine new landscapes and scenarios in the spaces of the Fort.

The installation is the first part of a project that will be exhibited at Spazio Klien (Borgo Valsugana) and Le Gallerie di Piedicastello (Trento) between September and November 2022.

NB: Please remember to take with you headphones and your favorite tech support to read the QR codes found throughout the Fort area



Free admission