QUAYOLA - Jardins d'Etè

audio-video installation of Quayola (Rome, 1982)


Presented in autumn 2019 at the Botanical Garden of Padua – as part of the Second Nature exhibition organized by the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation in collaboration with the University of Padua – on that occasion the installation was accompanied by some large-format prints of the Remains series and was mainly compared with the scientific tradition of the place.

Here at Arte Sella, on the other hand, it is the comparison and contact with nature that are central: Quayola offers us a new key in reading the natural world, where nature and technology enter into a dialogue not taken for granted, in which the second is not only and simply an instrument of reading the first.

Source: http://www.artesella.it/it/eventi/quayola.html


€ 8.00, valid on the day for the exhibition areas of Arte Sella and forJardins d'été temporary installation.