Romantic evening - Balletto di Siena 2023


The evening opens with classical pieces from the great classical repertoire, such as Giselle (staged for the BdS directly by "immortal" Carla Fracci in 2017), iconic pieces that are extremely virtuosic and technical, with ethereal and poetic tones born at the height of 19th century romanticism.

The second act, by way of opposition, takes on the guise of a contemporary narrative, made up of bodies that vibrate and feelings that emerge from the movements of dancers as swirling as they are anchored to the ground; themes and pieces inspired by a more intimate, sentimental romanticism, experienced by each spectator throughout their lives.


Balletto di Siena
Serata Romantica | Romantic evening 
Direction and choreography Marco Batti
Music Autori Vari
Primi Ballerini Giuseppe Giacalone Chiara Gagliardo Filippo Del Sal
Solo dancers Matilde Campesi Eleonora Satta Elena Badalassi
Musical advice Daniela Di Nuzzo
Light Design Michele Forni
Costume design Jasha Atelier s.r.l. Nataliia Dolyk

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