The nature of thought

With Michele De Lucchi, Olivo Barbieri and Vittorio Gallese.

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la natura del pensiero [ © Arte Sella]

Arte Sella, in collaboration with Trentino School of Management – Step – World Natural Heritage Management Master Unesco, presents the third edition of "The nature of thought" which deals with the relationship between human passion and our life in nature.

This is a particularly complex relationship that requires us to delve deeper into our passions as human beings and our ways of living in the nature we are part of.

The ways in which we design our presence in the world, and the works we carry out, are a projection of our passions that bring about both aesthetic and destructive effects.

Mankind is facing a turning point in which to try to understand, if we are can, how to live our passions in a coevolutive way with nature, not a destructive one.

Three of the most important scholars and artists of our time will talk with each other and the participants on these issues.


Olivo Barbieri, photographer
Michele De Lucchi, architect and designer
Vittorio Gallese, neuroscientist


Admission ticket to the Garden of Villa Strobele, Costa Area and Tree Cathedral: € 8 per person.

Booking required by phone to take part in the event: 0461.751251 from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 12.00, and on the day of the event.

part of: Arte Sella 2019

organization: Associazione Arte Sella