The sound of dawn

From the depths of history, the iridescent harps rise...


Angelic sounds or reflections of the darkest darkness?...

In the collective imagination the harp is the instrument of suave harmonies, but the Angry Harps will introduce us to "the dark side of the Harp," the dark (and fun) side of a delicate but also powerful instrument.

A little jazz, a few pop notes and even rock as the sun rises. With percussion and transverse flute as a counterpoint. On the lawn in front of Manzano's centuries-old little church, at first light.

Angry Harps
Francesca Tirale, Michele Valcanover, Irene Pengo, Marianna Fornasa, Fosca Leoni

Anna Boschi flute
Alessandro Darsinos percussions

At the end of the concert, the associations of Manzano and Nomesino offer a small breakfast to all participants.


Free admission

The small church of St. Apollonia can only be reached on foot, two routes are possible:

- from the Nagià-Grom car park on the provincial road no. 45 - 15 minutes of easy road walk;
- from Mori Vecchio through Via della Lasta in about a 60-minute hike.

In case of bad weather the event will be put off to 28 August