Una notte sbagliata ( A wrong night)


Narrator of refined intelligence, Marco Baliani returns to the scene with Una notte sbagliata, a polyphonic monologue in which he investigates the dark zone of violence. The story of a street man and his torturers, at the same time defenders of order and authors of a senseless beating, is interwoven with the actor's autobiography and with a complex artistic and human reflection. Not just a case of chronicle but an unanswered question: where do we want to stand? 

A wrong night

by and with Marco Baliani

directed by Maria Maglietta

scenes, lights, videos Lucio Diana

sound landscapes Mirto Baliani

Stefania Cempini costumes

drawings Marco Baliani

production Brands Theatre

(Translation by Alexia Vozzo, Sophie M. Scholl Language High School, Trento - “School and Work Project”)

organization: Centro servizi culturali S. Chiara