Vaia Storm Sounds


“I Suoni di Vaia” (Vaia Storm Sounds) the current exhibition at the Trentino Folklife Museum in San Michele all’Adige (from 28 April to 29 October) was conceived by architect Claudio Lucchin. It recalls the strong emotions felt by many people at the end of October 2018, when an extreme weather event, later named Vaia Storm, hit Trentino, the UNESCO Dolomites area, much of north-eastern Italy and some regions beyond the Alps.

The soundtrack, the testimonies of some of the people will invite us to reflect on what happened, and will suggest a message that we may have dropped, or risk to fall into oblivion. 

"The Vaia Storm is a tragedy made up of many images and few sounds," says architect Lucchin, creator of the initiative - however, it is the immense cry of pain of the Earth that really surprises us. There is no sadistic or clumsy taste in trying to reconstruct that cry, it serves the purpose to convey a strong emotion and make us understand something. We will try to dismantle the Vaia tragedy in order to attempt possible interpretations, decoding what happened in order to understand how to move forward. In order to face and metabolise such a great disaster it is necessary first of all to resort to words, to try to exorcise death".

The soundtrack and music for "I Suoni di Vaia" are by Elisa Pisetta and Cristian Postal.