"Women who made history"

by and with Francesco Agnoli

Meetings and conferences , Book presentation

It is often said that women's history is a long succession of violence and discrimination, always suffered in the same way.

Reducing all women in history to mere puppets in the hands of cruel and misogynistic men does no great service to the other half of the sky, and helps the spread of trivialisation and clichés.

From classical antiquity to the recent feminist movements, passing through the much reviled Middle Ages and the age of totalitarianism, this book aims to offer an alternative view on the female world, to recount facts that are often forgotten. Only in this way it will be possible to preserve from oblivion an incredible number of women who were truly protagonists in culture, science, religion and politics.

Curated by Emanuela Merlo

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part of: 8 March 2021