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We are in quarantine, but how many of our things have been relegated to our cellars or attics for forty or fifty years?

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And how many stories can these forgotten things tell us after so many years? And how many of us, taking advantage of these strange days of forced rest to put our house in order, find these little treasures in our hands? Is this not the right time to rediscover them?

Every other day, on its Instagram  and Facebook  pages, the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina - Trentino Folklife Museum - proposes an object from its collections, recounting its use, function, peculiarity and first of all the name, or rather the names (in the plural), or rather some of its names, in the very many dialects of Trentino.

At this point, the social community has a task: that of recognizing - when possible - the object among those at home, sending a photo, and writing a little story of memories and curious facts, and of course indicating the right name of the object in their own dialect. 

Because these memories, in the end, are real culture.

Then there's an exhibition to tell on social networks: “Dal cassettone della bisnonna. Tessuti e indumenti della collezione AIFo al Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina“ ("From the great-grandmother's dresser. Fabrics and clothing from the AIFo collection at the Trentino Folklife Museum").

Sono i capi di biancheria, impreziositi da ricami, bordure e pizzi che i volontari dell’Associazione Italiana Amici Raul Follerau (AIFo) hanno raccolto nel loro lavoro trentennale in aiuto dei malati di lebbra. Una collezione di 299 pezzi che parlano della vita intima di casa, di affetti lontani e di viva solidarietà.

These are the linen garments, embellished with embroidery, borders and lace that the volunteers of the Italian Association Raul Follerau's friends (AIFo) have collected in thirty years to help leprosy sufferers. A collection of 299 pieces that tell us a lot about the intimate life at home, of distant affections and solidarity.

There are also other sections to look through during the week: the APTO - Archivio Provinciale della Tradizione Orale (Provincial Archive of the Oral Tradition), with 1400 musical documents of the Trentino tradition.

The Archive Le Scritte dei pastori della valle di Fiemme (The inscriptions of the shepherds of the Val di Fiemme) discloses some curious facts on the museum's social channels: shepherds painted as many as thousands of writings with local red ochre on the slopes of Monte Cornon in the Fiemme valley of Eastern Trentino between the second half of the seventeenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. Of them, 5.000 have been catalogued by now.

Last but not least, don't miss our suggestions and various materials for teachers and educators: a post a week dedicated to the vast repertoire of knowledge and workshops curated by the museum's office for educational activities.

#laculturanonsiferma - culture doesn't stop - even if #iorestoacasa - I stay at home.