Beata gioventù | Blessed youth contest

Registrations open for the photo contest dedicated to yesterday's youth of today

On the occasion of the European Year of Youth, registrations are open for the photo competition that, as part of the exhibition Beata gioventù. Da Faganello a Instagram (Blessed youth. From Faganello to Instagram), to be held at the Belasi Castle in Campodenno (Trento) from 24 June to 30 October 2022, aims to explore the concept of youth in its evolution between the unprecedented protagonism claimed by young people around 1968, and the states of mind that mark the present time and the everyday life of the Z Generation.

Today, with the pandemic, young people have seen their lifestyles disrupted, even more radically than other demographic groups. What is left, and what has definitively faded, of the dreams, expectations and radical process of youth self-assertion initiated by the baby boomers?

The contest, organised by the Department for Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Province of Trento with the tourist board of Castel Belasi di Campodenno, will be open to historical photographs dating between 1965 and 1975, and contemporary photographs that are particularly representative of the life, moods and identity choices of the new generations, focusing on the spheres of study and work, free time, friendship and couple relationships, civil and political commitment, gender representation and fashion.

Images, together with the application form, must be sent by e-mail or wetransfer by midnight on 31 May 2022 to the following addresses: e

Download the document with the regulations and registration form.

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The "beata gioventù" ("Blessed youth") on display at Castel Belasi


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