Brian Eno X Trentino

Audio site-specific installation at the Buonconsiglio Castle: the exhibition will be extended and remain open to the public until 13 November 2022

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From 19 August, the artist lands in the spaces of the Buonconsiglio Castle and the Beseno Castle with two installations: sounds and images in an engaging and evocative mix that redesigns two symbolic places of the territory with millions of lights and colors.

Three installations for Buonconsiglio 

A true icon of international contemporary culture, Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno is one of the most significant artists of our time. 

Starting from an idea of art as a form of expression capable of interacting with the environment and the spectator, he uses different media to merge music and figurative arts, creating veritable "soundscapes" in which to immerse the spectator. 

Using displays, constantly moving images and loudspeakers, he creates a combinatorial game with infinite variations of shapes, lights and sounds, where not everything is always as it appears and everything changes imperceptibly, as in life, in a random and inexorable way.

In this vein, and picking up on the suggestions of the spaces of the thirteenth-century Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, with its splendid Magno Palazzo Gardens and Cortile dei Leoni, Brian Eno will create the Audio Installation for Buonconsiglio, a site-specific audio installation consisting of works conceived and created on the basis of the spaces that will host them, to create a dynamic flow of sounds.

Installed at key points in the castle and integrated into them, these works of generative music will interact with the surrounding environments; they will accompany visitors along a tour that, superimposed on the museum's exhibition, will offer a unique and unrepeatable synaesthetic listening experience.

The installation will operate daily from 19 August to 13 November 2022 (Update information - 8 November 2022), from 10.00 to 18.00 (except for Mondays in September, October, and November 2022)

77 Million Paintings for Beseno - Castel Beseno will be the site of this spectacular large-scale audiovisual installation.

Brian Eno has in fact chosen the majestic walls of Castel Beseno as the "canvas" on which to animate the infinite visual combinations of his most famous work. Conceived as "visual music", 77 Million Paintings stems from Brian Eno's constant research into light as an artistic medium and his desire to explore the new aesthetic possibilities offered by technology: by superimposing in random order the layers of 400 paintings made by Eno himself, a software generates 77 million combinations without ever repeating. Synchronised with the visual work in motion, a unique and unrepeatable sound carpet comes to life, such that no sound will be heard a second time. 

77 Million Paintings for Beseno is a spectacular work that, through the projection of a combination of constantly changing paintings, will create a "painting of light" on the East Walls of Castel Beseno.

Under the starry sky, viewers will have the opportunity to indulge and lose themselves in millions of combinations of paintings and music. 

The installation will be set up on the dates: 
- 19-20, 26-27 August 2022
- 2-3, 9-10 September 2022

Tickets can be purchased in advance on HERE.

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