Educa 2016 – The Education festival

Freedom and rules


"Freedom and rules concern the we and the I; they concern ourselves and the world, the relations between men and women, between different cultures and religions, the relationship with nature, with economy, spirituality, justice and democracy. Our global world asks us today to ponder on the meaning of the two words – freedom and rules - with an emphasis on educational aspects. In fact, they both convey a vision of the world and of others.

This to introduce Educa 2016, the seventh edition of the Education festival on the topic “Freedom and rules”, which will take place in Rovereto (various venues) from 15 to 17 April. It includes more than sixty events (cultural events dedicated to families, teachers and educators and to the whole community, taking place in theatres, palaces, museums and libraries, but also in the parks, bars, bookstores and on the streets of the town, which will be closed to traffic for the occasion); a rich programme,featuring important personalities such as Dacia Maraini, Giulio Giorello, Massimo Recalcati, Gioele Dix.

Dacia Maraini, famous Italian writer, has devoted several successful books to the problems as well as to the many resources of childhood; recently she has published La bambina e il sognatore (The little girl and the dreamer) which deals with the topic of denied paternity, told by an intense male voice. The meeting with Dacia Maraini is on Saturday 16 April:

15.30 – 17.00 |Palazzo istruzione – aula magna

The meetings with the philosopher of science Giulio Giorello, with Marianella Sclavi, and the dialogue between the former magistrate Gherardo Colombo and the educationalist Raffaele Mantegazza focuse on social, political and cultural aspects.

The impact of new technologies on freedom will be dealt with by Mario Tozzi, who is author and presenter of several tv programmes about the diffusion of scientific knowledge.

Among several laboratories and events scheduled, let us highlight Giole Dix’s performance entitled Vorrei essere figlio di un uomo felice (I’d like to be a rich man’s son), which recalls the first four poems of the Odissey, where Telemachus is in search of his father Ulysses.

Last but not least, big party on Sunday afternoon in Piazza Mart (Rovereto) with the Oblivion: their show cleverly breaks the old patterns and rules of literature and music.


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Free admission to all events, until availability. Some events on Friday require booking by phoning: 345-8819033

The Education festival is organized by Con.Solida and promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the University of Trento and the municipality of Rovereto.