Friday's archaeology

From the 13th May some of the most important personalities of the Italian and international archaeology will be guests at the Rovereto civic museum foundation.

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The series of conferences entitled “Friday's archaeology”, which will take place in the Congress Hall at the Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation from the 13th to the 27th May, is part of the wide programme of conferences promoted yearly by the Civic Museum in Rovereto. The initiative aims at spreading and disclosing the results of the latest studies and the new scientific, historic, archaeological and artistic discoveries at international and local level to a public as wide as possible.

The events are organised in collaboration with the Festival of the Archaeological Cinema in Rovereto, in continuity with its “archaeological conversations”, which represent one of the most followed and appreciated events of the Rovereto Film Festival. During this event, some of the most important personalities of the Italian and international archaeology will be guests.

The speaker of the first discussion, scheduled on the 13th May at 20.30, will be Daniele Morandi Bonacossi, one of the leading experts of the Proto-history of the Middle East, in particular of Syria, Anatolia and Iraq. Head of various archaeological missions and research projects in Assyria, in Ninive (in northern Iraq), in Mishrifeh/Qatna and in Western Palmyra (Syria), he will discuss the results of his latest investigations in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

The second guest, on Friday 20th May, will be Franco Marzatico, director of the Cultural Heritage Directorate of the Province. Protagonist of the cultural debate concerning museology and museography, he will discuss the role, the cultural heritage and the museums in our society, opening up new possibilities in terms both of content and management.

The third event on Friday 27th May will be dedicated to the recentfinds discovered during the latest archaeological campaigns in the site of Persepolis, one of the capital cities of the Achaemenid Empire which was selected as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Pierfrancesco Callieri, one of the greatest experts of Iranian archaeology and history of art and co-director of the Iranian-Italian mission in Persepolis' plain, will lead the discussion.

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