Great opportunities of internship in some museums in Val di Rabbi and Val di Sole

in the field of history, museography and cultural heritage

Are you a university student?

Are you studying history, cultural heritage, archaeology or literature?

And are you looking for a high quality internship, which will really serve to increase your skills for work?

Then this is the opportunity for you!

The Associazione Mulino Ruatti (Ruatti Windmill Association) has announced its willingness to welcome students for training periods in the fields of history, museography and cultural heritage at several museums in Val di Rabbi and Val di Sole for summer 2021.

You'll have the opportunity to experience the concrete job of historian and museum operator.

You will learn how to manage guided tours, educational workshops, organise cultural evenings and projects, interact with groups, children, scholars, organisations and institutions.

You will have the opportunity to get closer not only to the documents and the system for their enhancement, but also to the aspects of maintenance and day-to-day administration of a museum, how to make a budget, where and how to get money; what procedures and what skills are needed; what the possibilities are in the territories, and how to make the most of them. 

For info please write to:

Molino Ruatti