"Kissmybike": from Trento to Europe

An innovative alarm system for bikes developed by Ivan Minakov, Uladzimir Kharkevich and Nadya Bobova, former students of the Trentino Athenaeum

How many times have we heard the expression “someone stole my bike!”?
 Something that happens often, and which annoys us for many reasons.
This is also the case of Nadya Bobova, doctoral student attending the third year of Sociology at the University of Trento, who got in touch with us as communication manager of the project Kissmybike.

Kissmybike is an innovative alarm system for bicycles that will make the life of every city cyclist more peaceful.
“The name is inspired to the rude expression “Kiss my a**!”, we changed it into “Kiss my bike” as an ironic provocation for the bike thieves. A name that metaforically contains the emotional connection which bonds everyone of us to our bike.
It consists in an electronic device which is mounted inside the bike's frame and therefore invisible, and that permits to signal the theft, and to track and locate the bicycle.
All this is guaranteed by a mobile application for smartphones and cloud services which assure an easy and effective use of the system.

“We're a group of three researchers (me plus two former students of Doctorate school in informatics of the University of Trento) which dedicates to the development of a new alarm system for bicycles” - tells us Bobova.
“Our project is one of the finalists of the contest D2T Start Cup VIII edition, organised by Trentino Svilippo (final 29 October at Progetto Manifattura in Rovereto).

Furthermore, Kissmybike is the only project from Trentino which passed the selection to partake in Finodex – acceleration programme financed by the European Commission, in collaboration with Trento Rise and Fondazione Bruno Kessler”.

Between the 297 project which took part to the competition announcement, 52 (among which only 7 from Italy) were selected for the second step of the programme. Kissmybike will be one of the competitors for the European loan, which amount will be of a maximum of 170 thousand euros for the development and the actual production of the system.
The programme Finodex was requested by the European Union to patronise all those startups which use the platform Fiware and open data as an integral part of their technology.
Fiware was born in 2011 to provide the developers tools and technologies which facilitate the creation of new applications and software services, and lead to great social and economic potential.






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