Melchionna Prize: here's the fifth edition, dedicated to friendship!

“Giuseppe Melchionna Prize”, the international artistic-literary competition dedicated to the memory of the president and founder of the Prodigio association

Participation is free and open to all residents in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad, without age limits.

The theme we have chosen to explore this year is that of friendship. In this strange and uncertain 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our habits and our "geographies" of affection. Old-fashioned words in Italian, such as "congiunto" (i.e. relative) or "gathering" have become part of the everyday lexicon.

But what possibility is left for terms such as "community" and "solidarity", words which - through our relationship with others - define our very humanity? This is what we are asking the artists who wish to get in the game with a story of a maximum of 3,000 characters including spaces, a poem in Italian or dialect, or a photograph.

As per tradition, two sections of the competition will be dedicated to talents under 18, who wish to present themselves or together with their class. Entries must be sent no later than 7 March 2021 to the e-mail address

The first, second and third place winners in each section will receive a book voucher worth 50 euros, 30 euros and 20 euros respectively, to be spent throughout Italy. Schools and young people will receive a book voucher worth 50 euros. The ten best stories, poems and photographs will be included in an anthology, which will be given as a gift to the winners and finalists at the award ceremony. The ceremony will take place in Trento in May 2021, subject to legislation to combat the Corona Virus.

Call for Entries

Form A - Adults

Form B - under 18 and schools 

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