Snowshoeing, interactive labs and science adventures at the MUSE

From 8 December 2022 to 8 January 2023 - Holidays at the MUSE Science museum and its satellite museums

Snowshoeing, interactive labs and science adventures: holidays at the MUSE are super!

The scientific side behind ice crystals, comet stars, spices and the footprints left in the snow by forest animals. At MUSE, your holidays will have the taste of discovery and adventure: throughout December and until 8 January, the Trento Science museum and its satellite museums come alive with science demonstrations, games and snow walks.  

A lot of family activities, ranging from hands-on workshops and science demonstrations to guided tours and outdoor walks, are mainly scheduled on weekends and then are concentrated during the two weeks of Christmas holidays.

Here  is the “Super Holidays at the MUSE” programme.

Every evening, outside the MUSE and the Palazzo delle Albere, the "Dance of Colours" art installation lights up the facades of the two buildings with light and sound until 8 January.

The MUSE and the Palazzo delle Albere will be closed only on 25 December. Extraordinary openings on 8 and 26 December, on Sunday 1 January (from 13.00 to 19.00), on Monday 2 and Friday 6 January 2023. 


Snowshoeing, geolabs and "fiery" stilts: here are many other proposals by the Muse satellite museums: 

The Giardino Botanico Alpino on Mount Bondone | The Alpine botanic garden on Monte Bondone  proposes “Winter Garden”: two walks on the snow with snowshoes, due uscite con on 28 December and 4 January from 10 to 13, accompanied by museum guided to discover the habits of alpine animals. 

Further info here  

The Museo Geologico delle Dolomiti di Predazzo |  Predazzo geology museum  proposes - from 21 December to 6 January - geological workshops, themed activities and special guided tours to explore geology and learn more about fossils, minerals and dinosaurs. 

Complete programme here  

Finally, the Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro |  Museum of Pile dwellings in Molina di Ledro   - open daily in December - proposes “Preistoria a fuoco” ("Prehistory in Fire"): every evening from 17.00 to 21.00 the ancient pile-dwelling village is illuminated with lights and colours that evoke the ancestral element of fire. 

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