Suburbs, poverty, women. A debate on the Church of Francis

Starting with Giulio Albanese on Thursday 29 October, at 20.30, in Rovereto the series “Dialoghi di frontiera” 


“The innovation in this new edition of “Dialoghi di frontiera” - explains Paolo Marangon, deputy director of Centro di Studi e Ricerche Antonio Rosmini of the University of Trento – is in the topic: “The Church of Francis”. Why, as an academic centre and therefore laic, did we choose it?

Firstly because Pope Francis is, especially during these months, in the limelight of the world public opinion: he spoke at the UN and at the Congress of the United States, his encyclical “Laudato si” had great impact worldwide and so on. 

Secondly, “Dialoghi 2015” represent the first attempt of collegial and public reflection in Trentino about the Church, about how Francesco wants it to be and how he's changing it: we called the best speakers and chosen crucial themes like the attention to the geographical and existential suburbs, his recalling to poverty as a spiritual, ethical and political lifestyle and the innovative esteem of the role and specificity of women.
Marangon specifies: «With this series of events during the 50th anniversay of the closure of the Second Vatican Council (1965-2015) we mean to support a deeper comprehension of the figure of Pope Francis and the great attempt of Church reform launched by him.
We also want to understand which criteria and logic the biggest moral authority is moving with and how a public relevance and centuries-old institution like the Catholic Church is changing.

Among the programmed meetings to reflect on the figure of Pope Francis and his reform attempt:

Thursday 29 October, Giulio Albanese, comboni missionary and journalist, with the dialogue on “Chiesa e periferie del mondo”.
Great expert of the African reality, father Albanese founded in 1997 the agency called MISNA (Missionary International Service News Agency) which provides an essential service of alternative information from the poor countries.
He's currently director of the missionary magazines of the Holy See. Among his numerous publications, the recent “Alle periferie del mondo. La testimonianza cristiana al passo di Papa Francesco” (Emi, Bologna, 2014).
Michele Dossi will coordinate the meeting.

Wednesday 18 November - “Chiesa povera (commento della V piaga)" with Francesco Milano (teacher of Moral Philosophy – Università di Roma Tor Vergata, already National President of Azione Cattolica). Francesco Ghia coordinating. The reference text will be the work by Antonio Rosmini “Delle cinque piaghe della Santa Chiesa”.

Tuesday 1 December - “La chiesa secondo le donne” with Cristina Simonelli (President of Coordinamento Teologhe Italiane). Paolo Marangon coordinating.

All the meetings are scheduled at 20.30. “Dialoghi di frontiera” will be hosted in the conference room of Fondazione Caritro in Rovereto (Piazza Rosmini, 5).
Free entry and meetings open to anyone.