The Other Contemporary

The relationship between ancient and contemporary, at the center of the investigation of the new season of the Mart of Rovereto

"Contemporary art is always in the making. It’s not defined by one specific type or trope. The contemporary is infinite."
Vittorio Sgarbi

The new exhibition season spans the ages. Classic and contemporary masters interact with each other and artworks belonging to one of Europe’s richest public collections, in an attempt to forge new connections between history, the great masterpieces and emerging cultural sensitivities.

10 October to 9 December
The hotly anticipated exhibition Caravaggio. The Contemporary offers visitors the opportunity to admire the Burial of Saint Lucy in the flesh. This painting is the oldest Sicilian work by Michelangelo Merisi (AKA Caravaggio) and is currently on loan from its usual home in the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia in Syracuse.
The seventeenth-century masterpiece is exhibited among a selection of contemporary works and photographs, encouraging new conversations and emphasising Caravaggio's spiritual relevance.
The exhibition offers a comparison between this masterpiece and a selection of works by the master of Italian Informalism: Alberto Burri. In a constant dialogue between images, symbols and similarities, it is completed by a large painting entitled I naufraghi (1934) by Cagnaccio di San Pietro, works by the artist Nicola Verlato and photographer Massimo Siragusa, and a few shots that focus on the life and death of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

From 14 November
From November onwards the Mart will be hosting a unique exhibition entitled Giovanni Boldini. Pleasure.
Open until 28 February 2021, this extensive exhibition will feature over 150 works from public and private collections, many of which belong to the Giovanni Boldini Museum in Ferrara, which closed to the public after a tragic earthquake in 2012.
Known as one of the most famous portrait painters of the Belle Époque, Boldini made use of his extraordinary talent to capture the essence of a dazzling era in which he was a famous protagonist.
In this new exhibition for the Mart, Boldini's work is displayed chronologically, allowing visitors to make connections between the various themes and relationships that marked the Italian painter's career. His relationship with the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio is also explored through their shared muses, such as the Marchesa Luisa Casati, an eccentric and seductive femme fatale.

Since its founding, the Mart's legacy has been inextricably linked to Fortunato Depero, whose artworks, objects, furniture, drawings, photographs, materials and archival collections are kept in the museum. The Mart is also currently curating the artist’s latest and perhaps most institutional project: Casa d'Arte Futurista Depero.
This main exhibition, entitled Depero. The Modern-Day Myth, draws from the museum's own heritage to depict Depero as a prophetic figure fascinated by the idea of "total art", going on to master skills such as painting, theatre, set design, applied arts, publishing and even advertising.
The exhibition focuses on numerous aspects that link the Futurist avant-garde to the contemporary and it is an opportunity to study the multifaceted design work of an artist who once announced the death of hierarchy in the arts. On display are about 200 artworks, drawingsdocumentsinlaysphotographsfurniture reconstructions, costumessetsvideos and films produced for the occasion.