The War of the fallen and missing soldiers

The history of the fallen and missing soldiers runs across the archive of the association: photos and documents will end up in the hands of experts in order to be reorganized. This will be useful to reconstruct an important piece of history.

[ Ufficio beni librari, archivistici e archivio provinciale]

The Provincial Archives of Trento have recently acquired the historical archive of the National association of the fallen and missing soldiers’ families - Provincial Committee of Trento-. This documentation was supplied by the local section of the Association which is responsible for the exclusive representation and legal guardianship of the relatives of the soldiers, partisans and fallen and missing soldiers at war.

The material dates from 1948 to 2004 and contains correspondence, different acts, records, accounting and photographs, for a total of seven metres. While waiting for the documentary fund to be reorganized and catalogued, the Provincial Archives have thus been enriched by a new, interesting element, useful to preserve the memory and deepen the study of the events of the Second World War in Trentino and of the following years.


Alessandro Cont - Funzionario della Soprintendenza per i beni culturali