“The restless glance. Rovereto 1914-1918”

At Palazzo Alberti Poja, a "diary" including photographs and works of art reconstructs the atmosphere of Rovereto in the years of the Great War.

treno dei feriti [ Museo civico Rovereto]

Held at Palazzo Alberti-Poja, the exhibition “The restless glance. Rovereto 1914-1918”, tells the story of Rovereto and its protagonists, before and during the Great War through photographs, works of art and artifacts - some of them never published before - from the collections of the Civic Museum Foundation of Rovereto, from the The Italian war history Museum and from private collections. The exhibition presents a series of images of the town emptied of its inhabitants and repopulated by soldiers: the atmosphere of Rovereto during the Great War is thus reconstructed by means of photographs, objects, uniforms, but also works of art by Carlo Fait, Roberto Marcello Iras Baldessari, Giorgio Wenter Marini, Luciano Baldessari, Giovanni Tiella, Piero Coelli, Carlo Cainelli, Gustavo Borzaga, Luigi Bonazza, Francesco Trentini, Fortunato Depero, Ferdinan Kruis, Hans Lietzmann, Oddone Tomasi, Giuseppe Balata, Gino Barbieri e Mario Sironi.

Paola Pizzamano - exhibition curator