Torre di Piazza

The unmistakable symbol of the city of Trento

The Torre di Piazza | Civic Tower is permanently open to the public from 29 July 

The street grids that hug houses and palaces, the hidden terraces, the towers that stand out in height and allow us to find our way around that map that doesn't need to be folded up and stowed in our pockets.

Starting soon, we will offer you the possibility of a breathtaking perspective, a visit to the Torre di Piazza to discover its history and inner rooms, a climb of 156 steps and 45 meters to the top, where you can enjoy a stunning and unparalleled view. The sensation will be that of embracing the city of Trento, offering us an unprecedented and privileged viewpoint.

Appointments to gain access to the historic monument will be four per day and will each include a one-hour guided tour. These appointments are intended to make the monument continuously accessible, thus meeting the expectations of the many people who ask to be able to get up close with the Tower and its history.

The opening of the Tower and the guided tours are made possible thanks to an agreement signed between the City of Trento (Comune di Trento), owner of the building, and the Tridentine Diocesan Museum.

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