"Tree Time" and beyond: the new virtual space dedicated to the MUSE temporary exhibition is online

Botanical thrillers, video interviews and many interesting facts about the plant world

The new landing page of the temporary exhibition "Tree Time - Art and science for a new alliance with nature" is now online with three new contents: the first podcast signed by Ludovico Del Vecchio on botanical literature, the multi-voice story on the work of Wunderkammer and the interview with Mali Weil, the artistic collective that exhibits "The revery alone will do" at MUSE. A new virtual and interactive space, entirely dedicated to the plant world, to be read, listened to and explored.

The website https://mostratreetime.muse.it/, created in close synergy with the curators of the exhibition, will collect a series of new digital initiatives related to 'Tree Time' from week to week. 

Opened last 31 October, two years after the Vaia storm, the temporary exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the MUSE, Science Museum of Trento, and the Museo Nazionale della Montagna di Torino (National Mountain Museum of Turin), and it gives voice to the languages of 20 national and international artists for a new vision, management and care of trees, woods and forests.

Among the digital initiatives, let us mention "La compagnia dei libri e delle piante" (The company of books and plants) dedicated to botanical literature, curated by writer and veterinary surgeon Ludovico Del Vecchio; the podcasts of "L'arte di essere alberi" (The art of being trees), a radio project that talks about the works on show through the voices of artists, scientists and experts; video interviews with artists and curators.

The narratives focus on trees, woods, forests, their process of adaptation to environmental changes, their condition of fragility caused by direct human actions and by secondary effects produced by climate change, and finally our relationship with the plant world.

On the new landing page, in constant dialogue with the museum's social channels and newsletter, you can also find trailers and photo galleries of the exhibition, the multimedia catalogue, plant-themed initiatives proposed by the museum, curious suggestions and lots of news to make our days greener.

In the Listen section, the first of six "botanical" podcasts of "The company of books and trees" is online.

Ludovico Del Vecchio, editor of the project, is the initiator of what has been called a new literary genre, the green thriller, a mix of fiction, ancient oaks and guerrilla gardening.

Here  is the first episode

The other MUSE podcast project is entitled "The art of being trees". The initiative proposes a cycle of multi-voice stories, to hear and imagine - even before seeing them - the works of the exhibition "Tree Time". The first episode is dedicated to the work entitled "Almost the same green" by the Wunderkammer collective.

Among the podcast's guests are the Wunderkammer artists Giusi Campisi and Nicola Bertoldi, the curator of the Tree Time exhibition Andrea Lerda, and Cristina Mattiucci, architect, landscape expert and professor at the Federico II University in Naples. The project is the result of a collaboration with Cooperativa Mercurio; the narrator is radio speaker Davide Corraro.

Here  is the first episode

In the Watch section of the website and on the MUSE YouTube channel is the first video interview with the artists, designers and performers of the "Tree Time" exhibition.

Here is the first video-interview

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