Vulnerable heritage

A sound project curated by Lucia Cella to talk about cultural heritage, fragility, care, beauty

"Vulnerable Heritage" is a radio project by the Education sector of the Strategic Mission Unit (UMST) of the Department for Cultural Heritage of Trento, curated by Lucia Cella. 

It deals with the theme of vulnerability, both material and human, which characterises the contemporary world and with the actions and pre-dispositions that taking on fragility entails in the care and protection of both our cultural heritage and human fragility, affected by the pandemic.

Ten short episodes (available as podcasts), each of which refers to a cultural artifact undergoing restoration. Free and didactic texts will be proposed in each episode with brief testimonies from figures who operate in various sectors of culture.

The podcasts have been made thanks to the voices of Ilaria Andaloro and Fabio Gaccioli, founders of Eleuthera Teatro and authors of the free texts; original music by Maurizio Brugnara, recording and production by Carlo Nardi. The cover image reproduces Alterazione 2020, a paper work by Giuliano Ravazzini.

The first word chosen is Maintenance: an interview with Lucia Cella, from the Strategic Mission Unit for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage and Activities of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The other words are the following:

Stress - Interview with Carlo Nardi, musician and sound engineer who was in charge of the recording and audio production of the project

Stain - Interview with Ilaria Andaloro and Fabio Gaccioli, actors, theatre educators and voices of the project's audios

Reliability - Interview with Francesca Sortino, teacher and student of the narrative workshop developed from the 10 words of Vulnerable Assets

Adaptability - Interview with Lia Camerlengo, art historian at the Department for Cultural Heritage of Trento

Fragments - Interview with Luca Gabrielli, director of the Historic-Artistic Heritage Office of the Department for Cultural Heritage of Trento

Loosening - Interview with Maria Luisa Tomasi, known as Licia, former restorer in the historic-artistic restoration laboratory of the Department for Cultural Heritage of Trento

Detachment - Interview with Daniela Pera, restorer in the Historic-Artistic Heritage office of the Department for Cultural Heritage of Trento

Compensation - Interview with Antonella Conte, restorer in the restoration laboratory of the Archival and library material Office and Provincial archive Office of Trento

Conservation - Interview with Salvatore Ferrari, art historian, official of the  Department for Cultural Heritage of Trento


The podcasts of the episodes are available at the Sanbaradio website