#let'sstaycurious with the Muse

We are closed but always curious. You too?

Closed but curious   

In compliance with ministerial indications, the MUSE - Science Museum of Trento and its satellite museums will remain closed to the public until new regulations are made. 

Also the new temporary exhibition "Tree Time - Arte e scienza per una nuova alleanza con la natura" (Tree time - Art and science for a new alliance with nature) , opened on 30 October 2020, will take a break, just like the trees, to which it is dedicated, patient and tenacious guardians of the Planet.

Aware of the difficulty of the moment and of the importance of culture, we will try to keep you company during these weeks of closure, with the passion that distinguishes us. And thanks to our past experience, we are also a little more able to find alternatives. While waiting for you to experience the discovery of biodiversity and life on Earth in person, we invite you to follow us on our website, on social channels, to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates in real time. Thank you for your continuous support!

#restiamocuriosi (#let'sstaycurious)

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